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Slit lamp biomicroscopy

The patient is seated at the examination chair, resting the chin and forehead on a support to steady the head. Using the biomicroscope, Dr. Rodriguez examines the patient's eye. Utilizing different types of clinical dyes such as a fluorescent dye, Lissamine green dye or Rose Bengal dye, it is possible to evaluate the tear film on the surface of the eye to facilitate diagnosis. The dye is naturally rinsed out of the eye by tears. The slit lamp exam may detect many diseases of the eye, including: eyelid diseases such as Blepharitis, Conjunctivitis, Cataracts, Corneal injuries and diseases such as Keratoconus, Retinal diseases such as Macular degeneration and retinal detachment, Dry Eye conditions such as Sjögren's syndrome and inflammatory diseases such as Uveitis. Dr. Rodriguez uses different types of Biomicroscopes in the office, including a portable biomicroscope for very young children and patients with special needs.